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How to stay up to date with information technology

Over the years I have developed (and had to develop) a "screening" process for the development of the global technology world. A world in which dozens of new options pop up every day. It's more important than ever to stay up to date. In this post I will outline quickly how I manage to stay both up to date as well as curious. This method applies both to technically trained as well as non-tech persons like managers or developers how have "moved up the career ladder" and want to stay in the loop.

Tools & memory

In this method there will be tools involved as well as your memory as we'll see.

Trust your mind & memory.

In the first few years I set hard on catching every little detail that met my eyes. I want to . This was very exhausting.

Think in drawers

If you think in let's say 7-10 categories and jut put each tiny, little topic into one of those it will still stay around as a small note in your memory. Because you set a bookmark for it you will remember it due to the fact that you "have done something" with that certain detailed information.